Nujay’s President, Nesh Dholakia, Interviewed with IConnect007

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Nujay Technologies President, Nesh Dholakia, was interviewed at IPC APEX EXPO 2016 by Steve Williams from IConnect007. Nesh and Steve thoroughly discussed how Nujay is a leading value added PCB supplier providing a one-stop supply chain solution to customers who are seeking very high quality PCBs at competitive pricing. Nujay prides itself on being a “borderless and mortarless” PCB supplier.
Being a “borderless and mortarless” company is pivotal in Nujay being a leading value added PCB supplier. Brick and Mortar companies have restrictions on geographical areas they are able to serve as well as PCB technologies they are able to offer. Nujay Technologies is able to supply PCBs anywhere in the world as well as source from anywhere across the globe. For different types of technology, Nujay has alliances with vendor-partners for almost all the technological requirements of PCBs. If for whatever reason Nujay doesn’t currently have a partner for a newer technology, they will find a vendor-partner that will fulfill their customer’s needs.
Selecting the right vendor-partner is one of the most important tasks that Nujay must accomplish in order to stay a leading value added PCB supplier. Nesh regularly visits high quality trade shows and meets with management and sales personnel. After analyzing what each company has to offer and their different technologies, Nesh will then decide which factories he’d like to audit before they are approved and added to Nujay’s approved vendor list. During his time at the factory, he audits the factory’s engineering department, quality department, quality management system, cleanliness, which processes they subcontract, how they select and monitor subcontractors, etc. Nesh also reviews calibration records and inspects some of their products from the work-in-progress to verify factory’s claim of their capabilities. Once a factory is approved they will then be given a few simple PCBs to manufacture to confirm their customer service, delivery time, and quality checks.
Nujay Technologies continues to lead as a value added PCB supplier because of the services they maintain. Nowadays anyone who is involved in the electronics business is receiving a plethora of emails from Asian PCB suppliers soliciting their business. Many factories falsely claim they can handle many types of PCB technology. If a PCB buyer were to base their purchasing decision without doing a thorough due diligence like we do, they could come across some major hurdles with the most important component in their electronics assembly.
Customers can come to Nujay for any type of PCB requirement and they’ll gladly help. Nujay Technologies team manages the complete supply chain for their customers!
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Nujay’s President, Nesh, interviewed with IConnect007

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