Nujay Ends the First Half of 2016 with The Highest Ever Sales!

Nujay Technologies Inc.  ends its first half of 2016 with the highest sales revenue and sales growth. Nujay’s sales increased by 25.3% from the sales of same period last year. Nujay has also very healthy backlog of the orders giving a possibility of making 2016 as the best year ever for Nujay’s business.


As per the president Nesh Dholakia, sales growth came from the two major areas of the market; Industrial Lighting and Portable printers.   All other segments were relatively flat.


Mr. Dholakia envisages that their company will expand its product offering to the Industrial  lighting and lighting control  industry and share the growth of this industry!

Business Concept
Nujay’s growth came because of its business practices. Nujay’s team provides the industry best pre- and post-sales  customer services;  Nujay does  stringent quality control of its products and ensures on-time delivery to its customers.




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