Nujay Technologies: Gives you confidence so that you can buy PCBs worry free!

It’s so easy with Nujay Technologies Inc.

We strive to take all of the worry out of PCB procurement.

  • You need Thermal Materials: we can provide them.
  • You need a board very quickly: Nujay is there for you.
  • Your current vendor has gone out of business: Nujay can fill your PCB needs right away.
  • Your project is running over and you need to find a way to save money: Check in with Nujay.
  • Your project is running late and you have a NPI next week: Nujay is there for you.
  • Your current supplier is very late and getting later all the time: It’s time to call Nujay.
  • Your PCB vendors are about as easy to deal with as the DMV: Call Nujay for service with a smile.

No matter what your PCB needs are, Nujay provides the solution.

One phone call to Nujay Technologies and we can provide you with all of your PCB needs.

It’s that simple.

Here’s the deal:
You just got a call from your largest OEM customer and they have a variety of products requiring low
to high technology PCBs and a variety of quantity requirements. You don’t have the time to juggle with
multiple PCB suppliers. Come to Nujay and we’ll have the perfect solution for you. We are a one stop shop for any technology and any volume requirement you may have.

Contact Nujay Technologies at 1-855-4PCB-LCD or and we’ll take over from there.

With vendor partners all over the world, with our buying power and our logistical efficiency we can solve all of your PCB issues with one phone call.

Think about it……..

It’s the most logical thing you can do.

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