Rigid PCBs

Our Rigid PCBs   Type: Single sided to 8 Layer: Rigid PCBs Applications: Consumer Electronics, Medical Electronics and Industrial Display Boards   Nujay offers single sided up to 36 layers of Rigid PCBs with all kinds of laminate materials, surface finishes, circuit complexities and IPC…


Our Liquid Crystal Modules (LCMs)   Type: LCMs Applications: Consumer Electronics to Industrial Instrumentation and Medical   Nujay offers all kinds of standard and custom LCMs. LCD Type can be TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DSTN, DFSTN, Color STN & TFT and the LCMs module technology…

Flexible PCBs

Our Flexible PCBs   Type: Single and Double sided Flexible PCBs with photosensor assembly Application: Industrial Controls, Portable Thermal Printers   Nujay offers single sided to up to 6 layers of Flexible PCBs with various stiffener options. On special request Nujay can offer turnkey assembly…

Rigid Cavity PCBs

Our Rigid Cavity PCBs   Types: Rigid Cavity PCBs, 4 Layer with Controlled Depth Routing Applications: Miniaturization of PCB foot prints, Embedded Components, Industrial Instrumentation and Controls   Nujay offers various types of Rigid Cavity PCBs, including single sided up to 36 layers with multiple…


Our TFTs Type: TFTs Application: Point of Sales (POS), Medical Devices   Nujay supplies TFTs from 2.4” to 12.1” in size. Nujay can provide just glass for TFTs or complete modules along with drivers, interface mediums and touch pads.      

Rigid Metal Clad PCBs

Our Rigid Metal Clad PCBs Type: Single Sided and Double Sided Metal Clad PCBs Application: LED Lighting, Power Conversion, “Under the hood” automotive electronics   Nujay can create various types of metal clad PCBs for applications where high heat is generated and heat needs to…

Heavy Power PCBs

Our Heavy Power PCBs   Type: Heavy Power PCBs Applications: Power supply, Power Amplification, Transformer Coil   Nujay can supply Heavy Power PCBs with copper thickness as high as 13 oz.      

LCD Glass

Our LCD Glass   Type: LCD Glass Application: Industrial Instrumentation and consumer electronics   Nujay can supply standard and custom LCD Glass in various display types like TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DSTN, DFSTN, Color STN & TFT.      

Rigid Flex PCBs

Rigid Flex PCBs Capabilities Type: Rigid Flex PCBs and Assemblies Applications: Communication Interfaces, Medical, Automotive and Industrial Instrumentation   Nujay can supply Rigid Flex PCBs up to 10 layers. On special requests from OEM customers, Nujay can also offer turnkey assembly services for Rigid Flex PCBs.