Nujay breaks all past records of sales in 2016.

Nujay Technologies Inc. has broken all past sales records this year. We thank our loyal customers, hardworking staff and dedicated high tech vendor partners to make us this successful!   The main growth came from three major sectors of the market! Industrial Lighting, Digital Portable…

Nujay’s President, Nesh Dholakia, Interviewed with IConnect007

Nujay Technologies President, Nesh Dholakia, was interviewed at IPC APEX EXPO 2016 by Steve Williams from IConnect007. Nesh and Steve thoroughly discussed how Nujay is a leading value added PCB supplier providing a one-stop supply chain solution to customers who are seeking very high quality PCBs at competitive pricing. Nujay prides itself on being a “borderless and mortarless” PCB supplier.

Via-In-Pads Technology

Via-In-Pads technology has been around for a few years now, but nowadays it’s becoming one of the most discussed topics amongst PCB designers and PCB fabricators. Via-in-Pads (VIP) is a technology where plated through holes are filled with conductive or non-conductive epoxy ink, subsequently planarized and plated over. Via-In-Pads are usually patterned in to BGA and uBGA pads for the direct soldering.


Nujay Technologies will be visiting the IPC APEX EXPO on March 15 through March 17 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We look forward to meeting with our domestic and offshore suppliers that will be exhibiting. Our president, Nesh, is also scheduled to be interviewed by PCB007 over some exciting new changes…

Nujay Tech: Taking a Look Back at 2015

As 2015 is coming to an end we took a look at how we have improved and are now better suited to take on the New Year in the ever-evolving PCB industry. We are eager to hit new targets in 2016, such as positioning ourselves as the most reliable PCB supplier in the USA and finding new vendor-partners  that are on top of the new industry trends and who can support our mission. As technology continues to evolve and improve it is our responsibility to stay on top of these trends and develop relationships with vendor-partners who are capable of handling these changes.