Controlled Impedance PCBs

the increase in the demand of high speed Video, USB Interface, Ethernet interface and wireless communications. Controlled impedance boards have been manufactured since the early 80s but with the increase in the sophistication of modern electronics the requirement of precision manufacturing with tight tolerance has increased.

Via-In-Pads Technology

Via-In-Pads technology has been around for a few years now, but nowadays it’s becoming one of the most discussed topics amongst PCB designers and PCB fabricators. Via-in-Pads (VIP) is a technology where plated through holes are filled with conductive or non-conductive epoxy ink, subsequently planarized and plated over. Via-In-Pads are usually patterned in to BGA and uBGA pads for the direct soldering.

Nujay Technologies Partners with Top PCB Manufacturer

Nujay Technologies has entered into a marketing and sales agreement with one of the top 75 PCB shops in the world. This alliance will add increased capacity and tremendous capability to Nujay’s portfolio. This new vendor-partner is capable of producing 1-40 layers rigid boards, 1-6 layers flex PCBs and 2-18 layers rigid-flex PCBs.

Advantages of Using Nujay’s Established and Successful Supply Chain Solution

Nujay wants to exceed your expectations with our PCB products and services. We guarantee that we’ll add value to your business by offering exceptional services with no additional costs. Our long established relationships with our on-shore and off-shore suppliers have come with a great deal of work; and that is our supply chain management.

Let Nujay Technologies Handle Your Metal Core PCB Needs

Nujay understands that metal core PCBs are crucial in some applications as advanced electronics are requiring higher power levels and larger heat removal from denser chip packaging. The most common metals being used are aluminum and copper alloy. Aluminum core is more cost effective than copper, therefore many of our customers have designed their boards with aluminum.