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Printed Circuit Board Layout

Nujay has alliances with top-tier PCB design firms which offer experienced teams of senior designers for your creative needs. Our partner’s extensive background and knowledge will ensures our clients receive only the highest quality properly functioning printed circuit boards to meet consumer electronics, industrial and automotive challenges. Multi-layer digital and analog as well as impedance control and high-speed designs are just a few of the technologies we work with on a daily basis.

Film/Artwork Conversion

We can convert schematics, films, hand-taped artwork, paper drawings or the actual PCB into a database from which gerber files, CNC drill files, and other important data can be generated.

LCD Service 2

LCD Service 3

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the general engineering art of designing products in a manner that is easy to manufacture. Nujay’s team of engineers and QA professionals can review your PCB and LCD design for manufacturability. They can advise on your optimum PCB and LCD design in terms of line width and space, minimum hole diameters, surface finishes, as well as special features like controlled impedance, and cavities. Our resulting PCB and LCD designs are easily manufacturable, offering you substantial cost savings.

PCB Assembly

Nujay Technologies focuses strictly on the supplying of bare PCBs. However as many of our OEM customers wish to outsource their electronics assemblies, we have reliable roster of assembly firms on hand. Nujay can refer you directly to one of our CM customers or if you prefer, we can handle your end-to-end supply chain needs through our CM customers and partners.

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