Nesh Dholakia Visits China to Audit Quickturn PCB shops

Nesh Dholakia, President, visited china from 5/31/2017 to 6/8/2017 to audit Quickturn PCB shops.

After a wave of new factories in China which addressed small volume high mix PCB market, a new trend is noticed for last two years. The newer facilities are being set up to address quicktun prototypes and NPI business.

Nesh visited two PCB plants, one in Dongguan and another in Guangzhou, China which were state of the art facilities addressing quickturn prototype business. Delivery from china will be within 5 to 7 days to any destination in USA. The technology these facilities can address is amazing. Rigid boards up to 48 layers and Rigid-Flex boards up 10 layers are their regular production. Boards with controlled impedance, HDI and Via-in-cap technologies can be produced easily using these facilities.

Please contact Nujay for your quickturn requirements.

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