Planning Ahead your Supply Chain before the Holiday Season

We wish you a joyful Holiday Season!

With the holidays approaching, Nujay would like to help you plan your PCB purchasing to avoid having any type of production delay. Our domestic and off-shore vendor partners will be observing long holiday periods in the upcoming months. The domestic factories will be observing the  Christmas and New Year holidays while our off-shore suppliers will be observing the Chinese New Year (CNY)

Many of our domestic partners will be closed from December 22nd through January 1st for Christmas and New Year Holidays.


The Chinese New Year Holidays are from February 2nd  through February 12th. 
Our team wants to make sure that you plan accordingly as this will affect your production if planning is not done appropriately. It’s that time for us to start organizing and planning ahead to help you minimize the potential impact on your supply chain.
Nujay will be working diligently with the suppliers to make sure we can supply your PCBs without any type of disruption. Because we have a long-standing relationship with our partners, they will be doing their part in getting the shipments out in time. All domestic orders that are needed before the first week of January should be ordered by December 3rd and all off-shore orders needed before the 2nd of February should be ordered by December 14th. The factories will be getting PCBs ready right before the holidays, so we must do our part in planning in advance. Be sure to prioritize which products you will be needing and we can help with ensuring that your PCBs will not be the reason for your production delay.
The Chinese New Year (CNY) is the most important festival in China. Because traveling home can be quite difficult, sometimes taking 1  to 3 days by train or bus, many will leave days before the official holiday starts.
We should also expect delays after the Chinese New Year, as factory workers will face travel delays which affects the factories’ production speed. There is a slow start up afterward, which needs to be taken into consideration when making the purchasing decisions.
Special Consideration This Year due to Tariffs on PCBs made in China: 
If you buy PCBs from China, you must have already started paying  10% tariffs on them. The tariffs will be  25%  after 1/1/2019. We suggest that you release orders  for the boards required in Q1 of 2019. We can try to bring in the products before the duty increases.
We  already have two qualified PCB plants outside China and we are adding more to our portfolio so that we can offer tariff free products to our customers. However, our experience says that PCB cost  from chinese PCB plants  is still better than cost from other regions.
Nujay is ready to help you plan and organize around the holiday season. We know that planning ahead will make a tremendous difference in your production.  Please contact us today by phone at 949-215-8555/ 1-855-4PCB-LCD or by e-mail at and release your orders!
We look forward to helping you this holiday season!
Thanks and best regards,
Nujay Technologies

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